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Harness Sports


Harness sports are types of sports that involve

a human being pulled by a dog wearing a harness.

  • Cani-cross : Running with your dog

  • Ski-Joëring : Cross country skiing pulled by your dog

  • Sleigh : Sled 2 + dogs

  • Bike-joëring : by 1-2 dogs


  • Harness                  

    • Cani-cross &  Ski-Jo, Bike-Jo (pull up)

    • Sleigh (pull down)

    • I recommand to go shop your harness with your dog if possible
      Having the right fit for your type of breed is really important
      A dog inconfortable won't pull at is best and you could injure him

  • Slack-line/Bungee
    (An ajustable line soft for the back of the dog for starts and big pull)

  • Good running shoes and appropriate clothing

  • Fresh water and warm broth to quickly rehydrate the dog after the run

Good compagny

  • NON-STOP (Harness, Belt, Boots, etc)

  • Dragattan (Harness)

  • Wintersport (Harness and Belt for human)

  • Creations Torks (Handmade custom dog harness)

  • Yéti Traction (Sleigh and featured products)



  • Accustom your dog at a very young age wearing a harness, without traction

  • Teach your dog the directions and speeds

    • Left (Turn left)

    • Right (Turn right)

    • Go (Start)

    • Stop (Complete stop)

    • Slow (Slowing down speed)

    • Walk (Walk to take a breath)

  • Gradually introduce traction on the harness

  • Go small distances and increase them according to the age and physical shape of the dog

My running story...

I started practicing Cani-cross with Z in 2010 when I was still in school, to keep us active after long study days. I really liked it, beeing only one with your dog, having fun and staying healty.

Every season is appropriated to run with your dogs, all you need is appropriate clothing and apparel for your dog to be warm in winter cold.

During the winter I do sleigh. Dogs really like running and pulling to the best of their strength. A team of 2 dogs minimum and 3 dogs maximum (for the small one) and more for a bigger sled, can make the sleigh effectively and on long distance.

From time to time, I help the dog by running to give them a chance to catch their breath. For most, I try to practice this sports in flat trails to go longer distance.

Don't hesitate to research the subject and to shop for the equipment in Quebec. Many beautiful local companies produce quality equipment for dogs and for humans. 

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