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Alphabet 2nd Cup of TuckerCreek


Albert was the biggest puppy at birth.

He chose to stay with me at 2 weeks of age by crawling over my laps when I was sitting into the whelping box.

I found on him a lot of traits from both his parents. He is sweet, energethic, smart and strong.

He did show a great interest, self-control and intensity at 7 weeks old on ducks.

Albert's world is me. He want to be at my side, everywhere.
He want to please, he is powerfull and fast. I like is enthousiast on stock and in life in general.

He is alwaus ready to go, for a ride, to herd and to cuddle.

I am trainnig him slowly to be a handy dog.

More to come for my big boy !


Parents :
Sire : WTCH-X Starstuff's Killian Qwick E175086
Dam : WTCH TuckerCreek's Alphabet Nema E190307


Birth date  : 2019-Nov-28

Descriptions :

  • Male

  • 53 lbs

  • Registred with ASCA, AKC

  • NBT


Health Clearance :

  • Hips : GOOD (OFA) - 2021

  • Elbows : NORMAL (OFA) - 2021

  • Hearth : to be done

  • Eyes  : Normal (OFA) - 2021

  • Dental : Full Dentition (OFA) - 2021

  • MDR1 –

  • HSF4 –

  • CEA/CH –

  • prcd-PRA –

  • CMR1 –

  • DM –

  • EAOD --

Résultats de concours - à venir

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