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HealthTests de santé

Australian Shepherd are healthy, strong, agile, fast, bright, tenacious.

They are well known to live long years, being more than helpfull companions. 

The health is one of the prior factor to breed dog. Exams and tests are available to ensure the breeding of healthy dogs for healthy working puppies. 

All dogs are testing good to be part of my breeding program. 

Physical Tests

Certified by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)

  • OFA Hips 

    • X-rays at 24 month of age

    • Results vary between :

      • Excellent - Good - Fair - Borderline - Mild - Moderate - Severe

      • Only the Excellent & Good are acceptable 

  • OFA Elbows 

    • X-rays at 24 month of age

    • Results vary between :

      • Normal - Dysplasie Grade I - Dysplasie Grade II -  Dysplasie Grade III
      • Only the Normal are acceptable for breeding
  • OFA Heart

    • Auscultation and/or ECG

    • Results vary between :

      • Normal - Abnormal Grade 1 to Grade 6

    • Only the Normal are acceptable for breeding.

    • A diagnostic by ECG for a (Athletic Heart is fine).​

  • OFA Eyes - Certified by an Opthalmologist Vet (CAER)

    • Complet eyes exam (yearly)

    • Results vary

    • Only the Normal are acceptable for breeding

Kaique B-Richard_1_edited.jpg
Kaique B-Richard_0_edited.jpg

Chuckanut Kaique of Alphabet
Hanches Excellent, Coude Normaux


Genetics tests

  • DNA ​​

    • Genetic linkage to prove the parents

    • Test done by the dog owner

    • Analysed by the ASCA Certified Lab (Paw Print Genetics)

    • DNA should be done to register a dog to ASCA


Here is a short list of the most common health issues for aussies.
Result give us the statut of : normal, carrier or affected.


Règle de base en génétique récessive : n-normal c-carrier cc-affected

Normal (nn) X Normal (nn) = 100 % Normal (nn)

Normal (nn) X Carrier (nc) = 75% Normal (nn) + 25% Carrier (nc)

Normal (nn) X Affected (cc) = 100% Carrier (nc)

Carrier (nc) X Carrier (nc) = 25% Normal (nn) + 50% Carrier (nc) + 25% Affected (cc)

Carrier (nc) X Affected (cc) = 25% Carrier (nc) + 75% Affected (cc)

Affected (cc) X Affected (cc) = 100% Affected (cc)

  • MDR1 

    • Multi Drug Resistance

    • Dog is sensitive - to death to some drugs

      • Pre Anesthesics

      • Anesthesics

      • Dewormer oral or topic (Ivomec, etc)

    • You should have the list of medecine with you if you have an affected dog

  • CEA/CH Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia

    • Affect vision

  • PRA-prcd Progressive Retinal Atrophy

    • Affect vision

  • CMR1 Canine Multi-focal Retinopathy

    • Affect vision

  • CD Cone Degeneration

    • Affect vision

  • CMR1 Multifocal Retinopathie

    • Affect eye shape

  • HC Hereditary Cataract (also known as HSF4)

    • Affect vision

  • DM Degenerative Myelopathy

    • Progressive neurological disorder affects the spinal cord

  • EAOD Early Adult Onset Deafness 

    • Linkage test 

    • Early deafness

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