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About Me


Welcome on my website. It is a summary of my devotion for the Working Australian Shepherd. 

My name is Elizabeth. 

Dog passion is all over my head since my young age. I grew up in the country and I am still living it. In my young years, my mother used to gave horse back riding lessons to kids and adults. I was all summer long at the stable with her. Early in my life, I learned to listen, look and understand big animals. Having to take care of them at this young age teached me how ranch and farm life is and draw my own goal - spending my life sharing my knowledge about farm animal and dogs. 


I studied Animal Health at LaPocatière College and I did study Agronomy at Laval Univerity in Quebec city. 

I did the Farm Animal program, learning all about their needs, how to magane feeding, heatlh care, etc. 


Part time during the week, I am working at my neighboor farm to milk the cows, feed, hoof trim and do chores. I always have my dogs with me, to help move the stock, protect me when I'm feeding the calves and young animals in pasture. I feel safer when my dog are with me.

Finally, I am a full time Vet Tech at a Vet Dairy Clinic.

I do take care everyday, with our team, of a lot of Dariy cattle farms and other small farm animals. 


As a child, I had my dog love story. My mother had a friend who was raising working aussies. She introduced me to the breed, her name is Nancy Guerin (ClosDusilence,Portneuf, Qc, CANADA). I met the breed really young and I felt in love with all his caracteristics. As a child, I did want to own my Aussie. So ! :

My first dog was from a horse ranch. They had Working Dogs. Sabio was a Red boy with sweet greens eyes. We had a lot of fun together doing obedience, agility and I did learn a lot about working dog, without even knowing what they were.  

Unfortunately, following a combination of circumstances, his life was shortened prematurely.

After his lost, I got Z, a blue merle, minimal white boy. The complicity was strong. A series of discoveries awaited us and now, thanks to the people who allowed me to pursue my dreams and help me do a lot of sports with him. He is still around, but now 15th years old and slow, happy and calm old soul following into the house.

After all thoses years that I spent time learning herding into clinics, seminars and by looking at handlers, dogs and differents breeds of working dogs, I decided to share my knowledge. I want to teach dog owner how to read their dog, to take care of the stock and be efficient with a dog on a farm. I do want to help teams who want to compete at higher levels and I do try to help them progress and have success with their teammate.

I will produced few working Aussies litters into the future, but only for working farms and serious herding folks.

My dogs are doing differents activities ;

As a priority, herding and, in addition,

Barn Hunt,



Trick Dogs...

It will be my pleasure to share my passion with you and to help you find the answer you need about the great world of working dogs.

« WORK AS A TEAM » – Jan Wesen

This is the spirit that the dogs at Aussie Alphabet's sport with their mistress.

Formations & 


Diploma Animal Health - Cegep of La Pocatière

Diploma Agronomie - Laval University


Organic milk Laws - MAPAQ 2016

Stock Beaviour with Dr Nossfinger PAC - 

                                      Merck's 2017

Dairy comfort and welfare  - Merck's 2019

Temple Grandin Basic Animal Beaviour - 2021


Herding clinics with ;

 Jan M Wesen (Chuckanut) since 2008... 

Kathy Warner (teeCreek Farm) 2010

Stephen Rowell (Woolagon Farm) 2013

Tanya L Wheeler (TuckerCreek Farm) 2015

 Jerry Rowe (Twin Creek) Sheep Camp 2019

Billie Richardson (Y'nott Ranch) 2021

Sarah Martin (GS Ranch) 2021

Training to Judge for ASR (Rat searching Ass.)

Association des Sports Ratiers

Working Trial Championship (ASCA)

WTCH TuckerCreek's Alphabet Nema - 2019

 non-official.. _WTCH TuckerCreek's Alph

What is Ethic ?

Larousse dictionary definition :
Ethics is a practical and normative philosophical discipline in a natural and human environment. It aims to indicate how human beings should behave, act and be, with each other and with those around them.

My point of view:
An ethical breeding is therefore held by a person who behaves properly vis-à-vis other breeders and despite their divergent choices. It is a person who acts in a responsible way, who makes poses actions with the aim to IMPROVE his race.

An ethical breeder reproduces these dogs to try to get as close as possible to the STANDARD * of the breed. In no case, a personal characteristic should interfere in the follow-up of said standard.



Larousse dictionary definition :
Which conforms to a mass production standard.

My point of view :
A guide that describes in its entirety what an animal should look like. Both by the physical characteristics, behavioral and instinctive. In addition, major defects and disqualifications are well described.

Under no circumstances should a breeder derogate from the standard to make breeding choices.

The standard can be interpreted differently by individuals. It is important to refer to it as a working tool and as a support for our choices.

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